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Affidavit of Citizenship

The Professional Licensing Boards Division would like to make you aware of new license renewal requirements enacted by the Georgia General Assembly. In order to begin the renewal process, you will need to submit your renewal application online  as you have done in the past.  Georgia law now requires all applicants for licensure, and all those applying for renewal of an existing license, to submit an Affidavit of Citizenship and secure and verifiable documentation with their application.   Examples of secure and verifiable documents include a driver’s license, U.S. passport or green card.  A list of the approved Secure and Verifiable Documents may be found on the Professional Licensing Boards Division’s website found here:  Secure and Verifiable Document Link.  

Beginning with the August 2013 license renewals, the Professional Licensing Boards Division began mailing forms to licensees who had not previously met the requirement that included a corresponding barcode embedded on the forms.  This barcode will be linked to each individual licensee and will allow our staff to process this information in a timely manner.  Please do not duplicate the forms for other licenses.  These forms are specific to the license you are renewing.  When you complete the documents, please return them to our office at the following address, e-mail, or fax:  

Address: 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217.


Fax: 478-314-9746

If you are unable to locate your copy of this form, you may click on the following link to use this standard version:  Affidavit of Citizenship Form  .  If you elect to use this form, please be sure to CLEARLY PRINT your name and license number on this form in order to insure our staff is able to properly process your information.  

Please remember that your license renewal will NOT BE COMPLETED until you have submitted the renewal fee, an affidavit of citizenship, and a secure and verifiable document .  


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